Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini Review

The Sennheiser AMBEO series are one of the most highly-regarded soundbars in the market. It delivers multi-channel surround sound with just a single soundbar unit through clever projection of the speaker drivers and self-calibration feature. Last year, I reviewed the AMBEO Plus with the optional AMBEO Sub for NXT Magazine, and in this review, I received an early commercial unit of the latest AMBEO Mini, the smallest soundbar in the family. It retails in Singapore at S$1299.


Launching a smallest model of the AMBEO soundbar series is definitely going to invite heavy comparison, and it is hard to beat or even match the quality of its bigger siblings. Nevertheless, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini offers a flavour of the AMBEO audio technology to produce quite an impressive wall of sound for the smaller rooms. If you have a larger room and can afford the AMBEO Plus, I highly recommend that over the Mini. Choose the Mini only if your TV supports HDMI Out (ARC/eARC) and you listen to the soundbar at rather close proximity.

The AMBEO Soundbard Mini retail for S$1299 in Singapore and is available now. Visit the product page for more information.