DreameBot L20 Ultra Review: A New Benchmark for Robot Vacuum, Mop and Home Surveillance

Dreame Technology has launched a new flagship robotic vacuum with mop system. This is my hands-on review of the DreameBot L20 Ultra, distributed in Singapore by Dasher SG. It will be available from 31 Aug 2023 at a launch price of S$1499 at COMEX 2023 and comes with 2-year warranty.

My Past Experiences with Robot Vacuum Cleaners

I’ve used robot vacuums for years and most of the standalone models have limitations that I have learned to compromise. Here’s some of my pain points:

  • Cables get entangled by stray objects which disrupted automated cleaning
  • Robot cleaner keeps bumping on furniture to detect obstacles and walls
  • Hassle to clear the dust tray regularly
  • Hassle to remove trapped hair and dirt in the rollers

As for the mop function, it’s something that I rarely use, because:

  • Tank size is insufficient for whole house mopping
  • Hassle to top up water manually on the robot cleaner itself
  • Needs to clean mop pad manually after each cleaning task
  • Cannot use detergent

I quite like the DreameBot L10 Ultra that I reviewed as it comes with a base station to hold water tank and can empty the dust box, but it lacks some premium features found on the L10S Ultra which are as follows:

  • Able to dispense detergent for mopping
  • Built-in AI camera that is better at detecting obstacles and supports surveillance features

In that respect, I would have loved the L10S Ultra if I have that as my robot vacuum. But now that I have reviewed this DreameBot L20 Ultra, this latest model clearly takes the cake as the ultimate hands-free robot vacuum and mop system.

My New Experience with DreameBot L20 Ultra

The DreameBot L20 Ultra is a self-sustaining home cleaning system that can vacuum and mop your house maintenance-free for months. The base stations stands at 60.7cm tall, 50cm wide. Using LDS technology, it creates a floor map of your house and with that you can define a cleaning pattern for each area, or leave it to the new L20 Ultra with its CleanGenius(TM) mode that will clean high-dirt area repeatedly. You do not even need to change water! How is it possible?

Auto Empty Dust Box

The dust box inside the robot vacuum gets auto-emptied into the 3.2L dust bag in the base station. The bag can last for months depending on your usage. The retail package comes with an additional dust bag.

Auto Refill and Discharge Water Tank (with Optional Water Hookup Kit)

The L20 Ultra (as well as the new L10S Ultra SE) supports the water hookup kit, which connects the base station directly to your tap (inlet) and drain (outlet) so that it can auto refill the water tank and discharge soiled water – just like a washing machine! The most troublesome thing about mopping is rinsing with fresh water, so with the water hookup kit, you can mop the house without ever touching the water tank!

Extendable Mop Pad (World-first)

Dreame Technology is the first to design extendable mop pads on the robot vacuum that can now reach the floor corners and edges. When mopping the corners, the right mop pad extends outwards so that even the corners can get cleaned by the robot vacuum.

Auto-Detachable Mop Pads

If you are doing vacuum-only tasks, the mop pads will be detached and left at the base station. This is one of my favourite features because I do not have to manually remove the pads when doing vacuum to minimise getting the pads dirty during the course of vacuuming.

Auto-Wash and Air Dry Mop Pads

The DreameBot L20 Ultra system will also wash the mop pads and dried by hot air to get rid of bacteria and odour. In short, you do not need to remove the pads and wash separately – the L20 Ultra is self-sustaining.

Camera Monitoring with Auto Light

This is another favourite feature that I feel makes it worth paying. The built-in camera definitely improves the robot vacuum obstacle detection so that it can intelligently avoid them. But it also functions as a home surveillance camera on wheels which you can remotely navigate from the app.

AI Cleaning Features

The DreameBot L20 Ultra also adds some smart features that further differentiates from the competitors. For instance, it can detect the level of dirt and will attempt to perform a second round of cleaning. Similarly, it will also wash the mod pad again if it detects the pad is still dirty.


After trying several types of robot vacuum products, I have concluded that if you want a hands-free robot, you have to get the full-featured model that can clean your house, wash the pads and replenish the water automatically. A basic robot vacuum could make your cleaning tasks less thorough.

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