Honor 90 Review: Nostalgic Midrange Smartphone

Some smartphone brands leave good impressions on me with their smooth performance at affordable prices. Unfortunately, most of them could not sustain the quality for more than a couple of generations. It seems like a tech-curse. I loved the ASUS Zenfone series (running on Intel chipset) between 2014 and 2016. I also enjoyed using Honor 8 Pro and even bought for myself after I reviewed one (it still works albeit no software updates). The performance and image quality convinced me to switch to Huawei P20 and P30 series before they fell out with the US sanctions resulting in the removal of Google products. Honor, being the sub-brand of Huawei, was also affected by the market restrictions.


I am generally very pleased with the review experience of Honor 90, partly because it inherits a lot of Huawei’s features. While the overall performance is not as snappy as flagship models, I believe less impatient users will find it a non-issue. Camera features are good enough to deliver impressive shots of every day life, with enough modes to allow the user to easily tweak and achieve the desired result. The lack of external microSD card slot is addressed with a built-in 512GB storage, and the dual 5G nanoSIM slot with eSIM covers all mobile network scenarios.

Honor 90 5G (12/512GB) retails in Singapore at S$619 and comes with a free Honor Earbuds X5 worth S$70. It is at the top of my buy list once my Dad’s Huawei Mate 10 Pro shows any sign of retirement. For warranty service support, visit 54 Genting Lane Unit 04-01 Block II, Ruby Land Complex, Singapore 349562. For detailed product information, visit the official Honor 90 product site.