Top 5 Car Repair Issues in Dubai & Prevention Tips

Global brands produce cars in various nations to the same high-quality standards and specifications. However, the service requirements may vary from region to region depending on climatic conditions and infrastructure. Because Dubai’s weather changes over the year, car owners might encounter a variety of issues daily in order to keep their vehicles in excellent condition.


The following are the top 5 car repair issues and preventive measures to take:


1. Oil Change: Engine oil reduces friction between vehicle parts. It protects the engine from both natural wear and tear and overheating. It serves to eliminate impurities from engine components. Due to the high temperatures, regular oil changes may be required in Dubai.

Noise from the engine, panel lights, and dirty oil on the gauge are all signs that it’s time to change the oil.


2. Brake Repairs: In city traffic, you have to use your brakes a lot to stop and slow down. This puts too much stress on the brake pads, which damages them. Noises like squeaking or grinding and a soft stop button are all signs of worn brakes. When cars pull to one side, it could mean that the brakes aren’t working right.


3. Battery Services: Hot climatic conditions may affect the lifespan of the battery. The battery has to be checked for voltage, corrosion of terminals, and other issues to keep it in good condition to power the electrical system.

Carcility, the car service and car repair in Dubai, offers exclusive summer car care packages for battery replacement and service.


4. Tyre Maintenance: Check and rotate tyres on a regular basis to extend their life, especially during hot weather. Maintain adequate tyre pressure to minimize safety hazards and damage. Check the tyre pressure and tread depth often to spot uneven wear or damage.


5. Air conditioning: Extreme heat conditions necessitate regular maintenance of the AC. Car ACs may see a drop in refrigerant levels, which reduces cooling and clogs filters. Indicators of trouble with ACs include weak cooling, poor air flow, unpleasant odours from vents, and noisy functioning.


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Use Carcility’s Car AC Services to Enjoy a Cool and Cozy Summer. Understand why?

Air Conditioning plays a major role in ensuring a comfortable car ride in the summer season in Dubai. It may be time to do a checkup or inspection. 


Let’s find out the Car AC services provided by Carcility, the car service, and repair in Dubai:


  1. Car AC Service: This involves a diagnosis of the system, its cooling efficiency, and the working of AC compressor, receiver-drier, hoses, blower motor, evaporator and electrical circuits. Regular car AC service helps identify potential problems.
  2. AC Gas Filling: A refrigerant is used in a car AC to help in cooling the cabin. It sucks heat inside the cabin and takes it outside thus cooling the interiors. Over time the AC gas runs out and cooling becomes less.
  3. Car Radiator Service: Just as an AC cools the cabin, Radiator is responsible for cooling the engine and prevention of overheating. Coolant levels are checked and replaced if necessary. Radiator leaks, thermostats, fans and other components are checked as part of radiator servicing. This helps prevent engine damage due to overheating.
  4. Car AC Checkup: Ahead of summer it is advisable to do an AC checkup. This involves inspection of hoses, belts, compressor, refrigerant pressure, leaks, cabin air filters, air temperature from various vents. A comprehensive car AC checkup helps find out whether the AC has cooling efficiency and also helps detect potential problems.

    Get your car AC inspected at Carcility, the car service and repair in Dubai. Avail summer offers! 
  5. Car Overheating: Car overheating may occur due to several reasons. The coolant levels may have come down or there is a coolant leak. If the temperature gauge in the dashboard is going above the mid-level, it signals a problem with the cooling system of the engine. 
  6. Radiator Replacement: Radiators need replacement if the engine is frequently overheating or it has become corroded. Corrosion may limit coolant flow and lead to overheating.  The life of a radiator may be between 8 to 15 years depending on mileage of the vehicle. Radiator performance gets affected by blocks or damage to fins. Blocks may be caused by debris, sludge or mineral deposits.

    Avail Carcility’s Summer AC care packages and save on costs. 

  • Comprehensive AC Checkup (20% off)
  • Filter Inspection & Cleaning/Replacement (20% off)
  • Leak Detection Check (20% off)


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Boost Summer Road Safety with Carcility’s Expert Tyre Services

A smooth drive in any weather depends on the condition of the roads and Tyre performance. Hence it is important to utilise Tyre maintenance services offered by car service to enhance driving comfort and safety of vehicles.


Let’s understand the expert Tyre services provided by Carcility, the car service and repair in Dubai.


  1. Tyre Rotation: Tyre rotation is done at regular intervals to ensure even wear of the tyre. Rotation involves changing the position of rear tyre to front and vice versa. It helps extend the life of the tyre. Tyre rotation is usually done every 5000 to 8000 km. It ensures consistency in Tyre performance on the roads.
  2. Tyre or Wheel Balancing: When wheels are unbalanced, excessive Tyre wear and vibrations can occur. It can lead to damage of suspension. The imbalance is measured with machines and wheel weights added to achieve proper balance. Ensure all units of the wheel-Tyre are equal for smooth running of tyre. Failure to do wheel balancing can cause damage to vehicles and tyres.
  3. Wheel Alignment: It is done for proper positioning of the wheels at the correct angles to each other. Misalignment of wheels may cause cars to lose control during turns and negotiating curves. Regular alignment of wheels helps in providing a smooth driving experience.
  4. Puncture Repair: Punctured tyre causes stalling of the vehicle. Avoid driving with a punctured Tyre and causing damage to wheels and tyre. Avail Carcility’s puncture repair service to get the Tyre on roads again.
  5. Tyre Inspection and Cleaning: Tyre inspection involves examining tread depth and wear. Dirt, road grime and brake dust may be cleaned using detergents. They are also assessed for bulges, cracks or other irregularities.
  6. Tyre Replacement: Tyre replacement is offered with discount this summer at Carcility, the car repair and service in Dubai. Avail offers 4 tyres from leading brands. 

In addition to repairs, preventive measures may be taken to extend the life of the tyre. This includes not overloading the vehicle and avoidance of sudden braking which puts undue pressure on the tyre. Regular inspection of Tyre pressure helps prolong the life of tyres and increase fuel efficiency. Follow the recommended Tyre pressure by the car manufacturer. Exposure to sunlight for long hours can reduce the life of the tyre. Hence it is better to park in the shade.

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  • 20% off on new tyres
  • 25% off on wheel alignment
  • 50% off on tyre rotation
  • Free nitrogen gas filling
  • Free pick-up & drop-off with purchase of a set of 4 tyres

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New Car Launches in Dubai 2024

Globally, the automobile industry is on the electric path as more luxury brands embrace the EV range possibilities. Among the much-awaited launches for 2024 in the Dubai roads include Audi, Cadillac, Dodge Charger EV, Chevrolet Corvette SUV and Lucid Gravity.

Let’s examine the models that are going to electrify the roads this year in Dubai.


1. Audi A6 e-tron

Photo by: Audi

This is the latest EV from Audi equipped with some unique features such as a sport back design, an estimated run of 600 km on a single charge and likely to feature two electric motors. The sporty look is expected to attract luxury car buyers this season. It is expected to provide the Audi luxury with electric power without in any way compromising on comfort. Driver assistance features and seamless connectivity are assured.


2. Cadillac Escalade IQ

Cadillac Escalade IQ
Photo by: Cadillac

This is a much-anticipated SUV which is designed to provide an immersive experience with a pillar-to-pillar 55-inch touchscreen display, night vision and one-pedal driving. Among its other features include 24-inch alloy wheels, a floating roofline with a dual-tone finish, side-skirt in gloss finish and vertically stacked LED Taillamps. The 55-inch screen is split into three layouts to provide an infotainment and co-driver screen. Climate control and seat heating functions are provided. This model promises exhilarating performance.


3. Dodge Charger EV

Dodge Charger EV
Photo By: Motor1

Dodge Charger EV is expected to offer diverse power trains. It may have a single electric motor with 455 hp. It may be a blend of muscle car heritage and electric power. SRT Banshee is a high-performance variant set to keep the hearts racing.  The powertrains of Dodge are aimed to cater to different driving experiences.


4. Chevrolet Corvette SUV

Chevrolet Corvette SUV
Photo by: @CarAccessoriesAddict

This may come with both gasoline and electric versions with the gasoline variant like to use the familiar 6.2L V8 the C8 Corvette. The electric Corvette SUV is expected to utilize the GM Ultrium platform.


5. Lucid Gravity

Lucid Gravity car
Photo By: Lucid Motors

This SUV is expected to have the same electric powertrain, performance and features as Lucid Air. Premium accessories, cutting-edge technology and spacious interiors are sure to make the model stand out.

These apart, Nissan GT-R, Jeep Renegade and Hongqi HS3, Jeep Cherokee are expected to hit the markets soon.


The new cars on the Dubai roads will be a combination of innovation, sustainability, performance and luxury. Automobile enthusiasts may have to wait for certain launches to happen in early 2025 although they were scheduled for 2024.


Watch out this space to learn more about the new machines set to roll out on the highways of Dubai.

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Which Car Wash Service is Right for Your Vehicle? Here’s How to Decide

Every car has to be washed and cleaned regularly to maintain its exterior shine, interior cleanliness, and prevent corrosion of metal parts. 


Here’s how to decide which car wash service is right for your vehicle:


Normal Car Wash: Normal car washing involves the use of high-pressure sprayers, scrubbing and brushing of windows, wheels, tyres, and other parts. 


Drive-Through Car Wash: Compared to a normal car wash, Drive-Through car washes enable the positioning of the car in a wash bay with spinning brushes and high-pressure nozzles constantly pumping water on all sides of the vehicle. This ensures more thorough cleaning of the vehicle.


Steam Wash: For luxury and premium cars, it may be better to avail of steam car washing services, which are an innovative and eco-friendly method for cleaning vehicles. In this process, high-pressure steam is sprayed through a nozzle onto the car’s surface. The use of the right temperature and pressure degrades pollutants. It helps remove dirt from all angles, including hard-to-reach areas. Interiors can also be steam-cleaned, including the cabin, dashboard, and upholstery.


Avail steam washing services at Carcility and drive out your car shining and looking sparkling new every time!


Steam washes are usually over in 15 -20 minutes, minimize the risk of scratches and blemishes, reduce water usage, and emit zero emissions. No heavy equipment is required Steam washes also kill viruses and bacteria inside the car.


Detailing: Detailing is the process of deep cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle. For exterior detailing, washing, drying, polishing, and protecting exterior components are done using degreasers, waxes, and detergents. It helps remove scratches and protects against sunlight, water, dirt, and tar.


Interior detailing involves vacuuming, steam cleaning, using liquid cleaners and glass cleaning. Vinyl, leather, wood, plastics and other interior surfaces are cleaned in the process, removing allergens and pollutants


Car Polishing: Car polishing services can be availed of to enhance the paintwork of the car. It helps remove minor imperfections, such as surface scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. The car is thoroughly washed with gentle car wash soap and water to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants. A dual action buffer is used to achieve a professional finish as polish is spread evenly, removing imperfections.


Avail professional detailing, waxing, and other premium car services at Carcility to keep your car looking new and bright throughout the year. Carcility, the car service and car repair provider, offers innovative and professional car services for its customers in Dubai.


Carcility’s Care Care: The Ultimate Car Service Checklist

Regular car service and maintenance are important to maintain vehicle health and ensure safety of the vehicle. Routine service helps keep the car running smoothly and safeguard against unexpected malfunctions.


Here is your car care essential checklist:


Engine Oil: In order to keep the engine running smoothly and prevent wear and tear of its components, engine oil has to be periodically checked. Oil changes are recommended for every 10,000 km. Fuel filters are also replaced along with engine oil replacements for fuel efficiency.


Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid helps in the smooth shifting of gears. When transmission fluid gets old, it can lead to grinding or slipping transmissions. The timing belt and transmission fluid have to be changed as per manufacturer recommendations.


Coolant Levels: The radiator helps to prevent the engine from overheating, and coolant aids in regulating the temperature inside the system. Engine damage may result from overheating. 


Battery Check: Electrical systems and components have to be inspected regularly. Battery voltage and terminal corrosion should be checked with proper cleaning. Headlights, tail lights, and indicator lights have to be inspected.


Tyre Inspection: Tires and wheels help in the smooth movement of the vehicle. Tyre inflation and tread have to be checked regularly. Underinflated tyres increase fuel consumption and cause wheel misalignment. Ensure sufficient tread depth to maintain grip on the road and sufficient friction on slippery roads.


Brake Service: Brake service has to be done periodically with an inspection of pads, fluids, and disks. Driving safety is compromised if pads have worn out.


Air Filter: Air filters have to be replaced periodically to ensure that clean air reaches the engine. If it is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. Restricted airflow has an impact on fuel combustion, which reduces engine power.


Suspension and Steering: For a smooth ride, suspension and steering should be in top condition. Bumpy rides, loss of steering control, and uneven tyre wear can compromise the safety of the vehicle.


Get your car a major service every 25000 km at Carcility, the car repair and car service center in Dubai. Book your car service appointment and have your vehicle picked up and dropped off securely after service.



New Offers – Beat the Summer Heat with Carcility’s Battery Service

Summers are tough for car batteries. The charge may get drained faster in such climatic conditions. And it has to power the essentials, such as ignition, air conditioning, and lights. Avoid getting stranded on the road due to a weak battery.


Prevention is better than cure. Some precautionary steps can help improve the performance of batteries and prolong their lives. Switching on the headlights or park lights or using the stereo system for a long time when the engine is off can drain the battery power


Some common issues with car batteries are corroded terminals, sulfation, and a faulty alternator. Corroded terminals weaken electric contact and the functioning of the electrical system. It may lead to difficulty starting the engine. If the alternator is faulty, it will not charge the battery while the vehicle is running. In such cases, the alternator will have to be replaced. With longer use, sulfate crystals may form on the battery plate, reducing its efficiency. Regular charging of the batteries, or desulfation, is the solution to such problems.


Loose or corroded battery cables may cause obstacles to proper current flow and lead to starting trouble. In such cases, the cables have to be cleaned and tightened to resolve the issue.


Carcility, the car service and car repair center in Dubai, has announced great offers for battery services this summer. Let’s learn more about them:

  •  Free Battery Checkup: Our mechanical experts evaluate the battery and advise the best action to prevent breakdowns.
  • 30% Off Jump Start: If your battery is dead for some reason, a quick and professional jump start will get you back on the road in no time. Carcility offers a discounted rate on Jump Start services for batteries this summer.
  • 30% Off Battery Service Charge: The technicians will thoroughly inspect the electrical system and battery and look for any potential issues. All these at a much reduced cost.
  • 15% Off Battery Replacement: In case the battery is dead, a new battery is being provided at a discounted price this summer.

Offers valid till 31st of August 2024.

Carcility, a car repair and car service center in Dubai, guarantees that only exceptional genuine batteries from reputable brands are used to replace outdated batteries. Get Carcility’s special battery care discounts to keep your car running smoothly in the summer season.


By addressing the underlying root cause of your battery issues, Carcility offers a comprehensive approach that utilizes genuine components to ensure long-term performance and peace of mind for its customers.


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Get Your Car Summer-Ready with Carcility’s Exclusive Offers

It’s summer time again in the UAE. Expect the mercury to soar past 50 °C. It’s time to tune up your car and ensure it functions smoothly this summer season. 


Here are some exclusive offers from Carcility, the car service and repair center in Dubai, that don’t pinch your pockets.


Car Tyre Package Offers

Drive safely this summer; get your tyres checked. Check tyre pressure. Underinflation can lead to tyre damage and an increase in fuel consumption. Improper wheel alignment may cause uneven wear. You may avail of any of these offers from Carcility:


  • 20% off on the purchase of a set of four tyres (that’s right, stock up and save!)
  • 25% discount on wheel alignment to ensure optimal tyre wear and road handling
  • Free rotation of your tyre for even wear and tear
  • Complementary nitrogen gas filling for improved fuel economy and tyre pressure maintenance.


Car Battery Service Offers

Dubai’s summer heat reduces battery efficiency. As we all know, the battery gives electricity to the electrical system and keeps the car running. The pressure of starting your engine and using critical systems like air conditioning may quickly deplete its battery power. Do not risk getting stuck in the scorching weather!


Carcility, the car service and car repair center in Dubai, offers a range of battery services this summer:

Carcility Exclusive Offers - Car Batter


  • Free Battery Checkup: Have your battery assessed and get expert advice. Prevent unexpected breakdowns on the road.
  • 30% Off Jump Start: If your car battery is dead, jump starting is the only solution. Avail this offer and get your vehicle moving.
  • 30% Discount on Battery Service Charge: Get a thorough inspection and resolve any potential issues.
  • 15% Off on Battery Replacement: Purchase battery replacements from the top brands at a lower cost.


Car Detailing Offer

Summertime in Dubai may have an unwanted effect on your car’s paint, interior, and overall condition. A simple car wash won’t be sufficient against the harsh UV rays of the sun and dust.


Carcility’s Summer Car Detailing Special Offers:

Carcility - Summer Car Detailing Offers


  • Professional Detailing (10% off):  Remove stubborn dirt, grime, and contaminants from car exterior; retain showroom freshness always.
  • Ceramic Coating (10% off): Protect your car’s paint with ceramic coating, which helps repel dirt, UV rays, and water and keep the car shining.
  • With high-quality window tinting, you can lower your need for cooling systems while enhancing interior comfort.
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) (10% off): Retain the car’s pristine finish with PPF. Prevent stains and scratches from spoiling the exterior surface.
  • Car Wrapping (10% off): Get a stunning new look for your car with custom vinyl wrapping in a choice of colours. 
  • Upholstery Cleaning (10% off): Remove dirt, stains, and bad odors by deep cleaning upholstery and mats.


Car AC offers

A poorly functioning AC can spoil a comfortable and pleasant ride in the scorching Dubai summer heat. Here are some Carcility offers for AC:

CAR AC Service - Carcility


Comprehensive AC Checkup (20% off)

  • System Check: Helps identify potential problems and resolve them.
  • Compressor Check: Air conditioning compressor is the core of the cooling system. Ensure that it works properly.
  • Filter Inspection & Cleaning/Replacement (20% off): Dirty or clogged filters can significantly reduce cooling efficiency.
  • Leak Detection Check (20% off): A refrigerant leak can lead to poor cooling performance. Get it checked by Carcility’s expert technicians.

Additional AC Services Offer:

AC Gas Refill/Top-up (20% off): Ensure sufficient cooling with a timely gas refill.

All offers are valid till 31st of August 2024.

More importantly, you may avail of free pickup and delivery with all summer maintenance bookings. Book your car service appointment at Carcility, the car repair and car service in Dubai and make your car ready. Don’t miss Carcility’s offers during the summer season.


The Importance of Tread Wear and Depth in Tyre Performance

The wheel is considered to be one of the most advanced innovations of mankind as it helped go from one place to another much faster than walking. The four tyres of a car help in the smooth rolling of the vehicle on the roads. But as with any other component in a car, the tyre has to be in good condition to get a good driving experience. 


Here are some reasons why car owners need to examine the tread wear and depth for optimum performance of the vehicle:


Durability: Tread is the outer layer of the tyre that comes in contact with the road. It is designed to provide traction under various conditions. Tread compounds are optimised for wear, traction and rolling resistance.


Safety: Tread depth provides the vehicle with proper traction and grip on the roads. It reduces the risk of skidding or losing control of the vehicle, especially on slippery roads. After a rain or drizzle, wet roads reduce the friction of tyres as they roll and braking efficiency is reduced. As tread depth gets reduced, the ability of the tyre to displace water efficiently also decreases. This leads to loss of traction and an increase in braking distance.  The risk of hydroplaning is reduced if the tyre has sufficient tread depth.


Legal Requirements: In many countries, there are rules enforced by transport authorities regarding minimum tread depth for the sake of safety. Not adhering to such requirements can lead to fines and penalties.


Fuel Efficiency: Lack of tread depth can affect the aerodynamics of the car by adding extra weight. It leads to decreased fuel efficiency.

Get your car checked for tyre condition and performance at Carcility, the car repair and service facility in Dubai. 

Regular checking and maintenance of tyre depth helps extend the life of the tyres. tyre rotation, wheel balancing and alignment help in extending the lifespan of the tyre. The suspension and shock absorbers are also impacted by the poor condition of the tyres. Therefore, tyre maintenance helps reduce the cost of repairs and ownership of the vehicle and also reduces the environmental impact of the vehicle. Reduced tread depth can also lead to puncture and damage to tyres. It also impacts the safety of driving. 

Tread depth can be easily checked with a coin or a tread gauge used in workshops. 

Avail the tyre maintenance and repair services provided by Carcility, the leading car repair and car service centre in Dubai. Car repair services include tyre replacement, wheel balancing and alignment, puncture repair, tyre rotation and wheel refurbishment. 


Signs Your Vehicle’s Power Steering System Needs Attention

Power steering assists the driver in turning the front wheels of the car effortlessly, especially at low speeds and while parking the vehicle. They are designed to be efficient, enhance safety, and minimise energy loss. But as with other components and systems in a car, proper car service and car maintenance helps in its smooth performance.


Here are some of the indicators of a faulty power steering system:


Noisy Turns: If the steering generates whining, groaning, or droning sounds while turning, it is an indication of faulty steering. The noises may be caused due to low steering fluid levels or a failing pump. If the wheel feels loose or the vehicle is not responding to steering inputs, it is time to check the steering.


Hard Steering: If you notice difficulty in turning the vehicle at low speed, perhaps the steering is due for service. If the steering turns stiff and turning in one direction is harder than the other, then the system has to be checked. If your vehicle is pulling to one side, the steering may be faulty. When the steering pump gets damaged, metal pieces from it can come apart and get mixed with power steering fluid. The pump needs to be replaced.


Shake and Vibrations: If the steering turns shaky or has unusual vibrations, it is time to inspect the system.


Steering Control: If the steering wheel slips while turning, it may indicate hydraulic pressure is not transmitted to the wheels properly. This, in turn, affects steering control.


Fluid Leaks: If you notice a fluid leak or grinding noise or, a burning smell from inside, it may be a symptom that requires immediate attention. 


If the power steering symbol lights up on the dashboard with an exclamation mark, it is an indication of failure of the system.


There are two types of power steering-one is hydraulic while the other is electric power steering.  Electric power steering uses an electric motor instead of hydraulic fluid to make the wheel turn smoother.


The symptoms of failure are the same as in hydraulic power steering. The problems may be caused by electric power system failures, malfunctioning of sensors, electric motor failure and so on.


If you notice any of the warning signs of power steering trouble, wait no further. Get your vehicle inspected and corrected at Carcility, the car repair and car service centre in Dubai