5 Reasons Why Scheduled Car Service and Maintenance is Important

5 Reasons Why Scheduled Car Service and Maintenance is Important

Cars are designed for optimum performance regarding comfort and safety on roads. This requires regular maintenance and service. 


Here are five reasons why scheduled car maintenance and service is important:


  1. Performance: The performance of the engine, and fuel efficiency will be greatly enhanced by regular maintenance. Scheduled maintenance ensures that engine oil, gear oil, coolant and other fluids are replaced or topped up. Battery, AC and other important components and systems are inspected and corrective measures are undertaken. 

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  2. Cost Savings: Regular maintenance helps reduce the cost of ownership of a vehicle by preventing costly repairs in the future. For eg. Poor quality of engine oil can cause more friction between the engine’s moving parts requiring an overhaul of the engine. Similarly, coolant levels and radiator performance help maintain the engine temperature at desired levels preventing overheating. Engine damage can result due to overheating.  Fuel efficiency improves with regular maintenance and this reduces the cost of travel. Timely service and maintenance also eliminate downtime due to costly repairs and hence availability of cars for long rides when required can be ensured. 
  3. Safety: The safety of the vehicle is compromised when regular maintenance is not undertaken. Brake systems require inspection and correction from time to time. Worn-out brake pads should be replaced. Tire alignment and balancing if not done properly can affect the suspension of the vehicle. Worn-out tyres and improper suspension can compromise the safety of the vehicle especially when taking curves and on slippery surfaces after a rainfall. 
  4. Prolong Life: Regular maintenance which includes oil changes, filter replacements, tyre rotations and battery inspections help in improving the efficiency of the vehicle and prolonging the life of the car. 
  5. Resale Value: The resale value of the car is greatly enhanced by regular service and maintenance. Exterior and interior detailing helps retain the polish and shine of the car for many years to come. It helps in keeping the car looking brand new. Warranty coverage is not available for cars that do not follow the manufacturer-recommended service schedule.

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