6 Signs You Need Professional Car Radiator Servicing

6 Signs You Need Professional Car Radiator Servicing

A radiator is a vehicle’s cooling system which monitors the regulated engine temperature to prevent overheating. The function of the radiator is to remove excess heat from the engine. Like many other systems in the car, a radiator also requires servicing from time to time.  Carcility, the car repair and car service center in Dubai, offers radiator service at an affordable cost by trained mechanics. You can easily book an appointment with the Carcility app. 


Here are six signs that indicate the radiator is due for professional servicing:

  1. Overheating: If the temperature gauge on the dashboard moves beyond the mid-level to the yellow or red portion of the dial, your radiator is not functioning properly. Excessive heat can melt electrical systems and permanently damage the engine.
  2. Low Coolant Level: The coolant reservoir placed near the radiator in the engine compartment in the front has maximum and minimum levels indicated. If the coolant level falls below the minimum level it is an indication to replace the coolant or top up whichever is appropriate for the situation.
  3. Fluid Leaks: When the vehicle is parked observe a coloured liquid falling on the ground, it is an indication of a coolant leak. In such cases, the reservoir will be depleted soon and the radiator will not be able to function properly.
  4. Fluctuating Temperature Gauge: If the temperature randomly moves up and down instead of being steady towards the middle, it may indicate trouble with the radiator fan.
  5. Bubbles in the Reservoir: If you notice bubbles in the fluid when the radiator cap is taken off, it is a sign of hose damage. Air has entered into the radiator system. Empty bubbles may appear around the edge of the radiator cap when it is on.


Apart from the indicator, a visual inspection of the engine compartment can reveal other issues with the radiator. Cracks or damage in the radiator can reduce the cooling efficiency. Accumulated debris on the radiator fins can reduce cooling. Unusual noises when the engine is on may also indicate a radiator in need of service. Strange gurgling or hissing sounds may indicate air bubbles or blockages. Internal corrosion of the radiator or malfunctioning belt can reduce cooling efficiency.


If you have trouble shifting gears, it may indicate a failure of the radiator system as transmission is integrated with it in new generation vehicles. Damaged fins also require replacement which can be known from a visual inspection of the radiator


Carcility, the car repair and car service center in Dubai, provides radiator car service for its customers. Maintenance of all premium cars is undertaken at a garage near you.  



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