7 Common Suspension Issues and How to Resolve Them

7 Common Suspension Issues and How to Resolve Them

A suspension system in a car plays a vital role in absorbing shocks on uneven roads and ensures a smoother ride. It helps wheels to maintain contact with the road surface which is necessary for steering, stability and braking.

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Here are seven Suspension issues and how to resolve them:


  1. Unusual Noises: The suspension is made of many parts which are held together by fasteners and supported by bushings.  If you hear unusual noises such as rattling, metal-to-metal contact or clunking, it may indicate loose fasteners and worn bushings. In such cases, the loose fasteners have to be tightened and worn-out bushings replaced. 
  2. Overbouncing: When the car is moving over a bump and there is excessive bounce, it may be due to worn-out struts and shock absorbers. Viscous fluid in the system helps to reduce movement and control the bouncing of the vehicle while going through bumps. If the car bounces three or four times, the shock absorber or strut may have to be replaced. 
  3. Rocking: If the car rocks back and forth, the front and rear suspensions are not working well. It may be caused by insufficient fluid or worn-out suspension. In such cases, the suspension has to be replaced. 
  4. Wheel Alignment: If there is a misalignment of wheels they don’t appear straight and this causes uneven wear and tear of the tyres. It causes damage to the suspension. It may be a good idea to get the wheel alignment checked and balancing done at regular intervals. 
  5. Damaged Springs: Springs are an important part of the car’s suspension system as they hold the weight of the car. Damaged springs which are sagging or broken can cause uneven ride height and affect the stability of the car. On a level surface, if one corner of the car is lower than the other, it is a sign of a damaged spring. When going over bumps, if a clunking noise is heard, springs may need replacement. 
  6. Worn-Out Bushings: Increased vibration and noise are caused by worn-out bushings. Replacing bushes is the only solution. 
  7. Control Arms and Ball Joints: Control arms serve the function of connecting the vehicle’s suspension to its frame. The ball joints act as pivot points between the wheels and suspension. Damaged control arm and ball joints can lead to steering issues and uneven tyre wear.

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