Signs Your Vehicle’s Power Steering System Needs Attention

Signs Your Vehicle’s Power Steering System Needs Attention

Power steering assists the driver in turning the front wheels of the car effortlessly, especially at low speeds and while parking the vehicle. They are designed to be efficient, enhance safety, and minimise energy loss. But as with other components and systems in a car, proper car service and car maintenance helps in its smooth performance.


Here are some of the indicators of a faulty power steering system:


Noisy Turns: If the steering generates whining, groaning, or droning sounds while turning, it is an indication of faulty steering. The noises may be caused due to low steering fluid levels or a failing pump. If the wheel feels loose or the vehicle is not responding to steering inputs, it is time to check the steering.


Hard Steering: If you notice difficulty in turning the vehicle at low speed, perhaps the steering is due for service. If the steering turns stiff and turning in one direction is harder than the other, then the system has to be checked. If your vehicle is pulling to one side, the steering may be faulty. When the steering pump gets damaged, metal pieces from it can come apart and get mixed with power steering fluid. The pump needs to be replaced.


Shake and Vibrations: If the steering turns shaky or has unusual vibrations, it is time to inspect the system.


Steering Control: If the steering wheel slips while turning, it may indicate hydraulic pressure is not transmitted to the wheels properly. This, in turn, affects steering control.


Fluid Leaks: If you notice a fluid leak or grinding noise or, a burning smell from inside, it may be a symptom that requires immediate attention. 


If the power steering symbol lights up on the dashboard with an exclamation mark, it is an indication of failure of the system.


There are two types of power steering-one is hydraulic while the other is electric power steering.  Electric power steering uses an electric motor instead of hydraulic fluid to make the wheel turn smoother.


The symptoms of failure are the same as in hydraulic power steering. The problems may be caused by electric power system failures, malfunctioning of sensors, electric motor failure and so on.


If you notice any of the warning signs of power steering trouble, wait no further. Get your vehicle inspected and corrected at Carcility, the car repair and car service centre in Dubai


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