The Importance of Tread Wear and Depth in Tyre Performance

The Importance of Tread Wear and Depth in Tyre Performance

The wheel is considered to be one of the most advanced innovations of mankind as it helped go from one place to another much faster than walking. The four tyres of a car help in the smooth rolling of the vehicle on the roads. But as with any other component in a car, the tyre has to be in good condition to get a good driving experience. 


Here are some reasons why car owners need to examine the tread wear and depth for optimum performance of the vehicle:


Durability: Tread is the outer layer of the tyre that comes in contact with the road. It is designed to provide traction under various conditions. Tread compounds are optimised for wear, traction and rolling resistance.


Safety: Tread depth provides the vehicle with proper traction and grip on the roads. It reduces the risk of skidding or losing control of the vehicle, especially on slippery roads. After a rain or drizzle, wet roads reduce the friction of tyres as they roll and braking efficiency is reduced. As tread depth gets reduced, the ability of the tyre to displace water efficiently also decreases. This leads to loss of traction and an increase in braking distance.  The risk of hydroplaning is reduced if the tyre has sufficient tread depth.


Legal Requirements: In many countries, there are rules enforced by transport authorities regarding minimum tread depth for the sake of safety. Not adhering to such requirements can lead to fines and penalties.


Fuel Efficiency: Lack of tread depth can affect the aerodynamics of the car by adding extra weight. It leads to decreased fuel efficiency.

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Regular checking and maintenance of tyre depth helps extend the life of the tyres. tyre rotation, wheel balancing and alignment help in extending the lifespan of the tyre. The suspension and shock absorbers are also impacted by the poor condition of the tyres. Therefore, tyre maintenance helps reduce the cost of repairs and ownership of the vehicle and also reduces the environmental impact of the vehicle. Reduced tread depth can also lead to puncture and damage to tyres. It also impacts the safety of driving. 

Tread depth can be easily checked with a coin or a tread gauge used in workshops. 

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