Boost Summer Road Safety with Carcility’s Expert Tyre Services

Boost Summer Road Safety with Carcility’s Expert Tyre Services

A smooth drive in any weather depends on the condition of the roads and Tyre performance. Hence it is important to utilise Tyre maintenance services offered by car service to enhance driving comfort and safety of vehicles.


Let’s understand the expert Tyre services provided by Carcility, the car service and repair in Dubai.


  1. Tyre Rotation: Tyre rotation is done at regular intervals to ensure even wear of the tyre. Rotation involves changing the position of rear tyre to front and vice versa. It helps extend the life of the tyre. Tyre rotation is usually done every 5000 to 8000 km. It ensures consistency in Tyre performance on the roads.
  2. Tyre or Wheel Balancing: When wheels are unbalanced, excessive Tyre wear and vibrations can occur. It can lead to damage of suspension. The imbalance is measured with machines and wheel weights added to achieve proper balance. Ensure all units of the wheel-Tyre are equal for smooth running of tyre. Failure to do wheel balancing can cause damage to vehicles and tyres.
  3. Wheel Alignment: It is done for proper positioning of the wheels at the correct angles to each other. Misalignment of wheels may cause cars to lose control during turns and negotiating curves. Regular alignment of wheels helps in providing a smooth driving experience.
  4. Puncture Repair: Punctured tyre causes stalling of the vehicle. Avoid driving with a punctured Tyre and causing damage to wheels and tyre. Avail Carcility’s puncture repair service to get the Tyre on roads again.
  5. Tyre Inspection and Cleaning: Tyre inspection involves examining tread depth and wear. Dirt, road grime and brake dust may be cleaned using detergents. They are also assessed for bulges, cracks or other irregularities.
  6. Tyre Replacement: Tyre replacement is offered with discount this summer at Carcility, the car repair and service in Dubai. Avail offers 4 tyres from leading brands. 

In addition to repairs, preventive measures may be taken to extend the life of the tyre. This includes not overloading the vehicle and avoidance of sudden braking which puts undue pressure on the tyre. Regular inspection of Tyre pressure helps prolong the life of tyres and increase fuel efficiency. Follow the recommended Tyre pressure by the car manufacturer. Exposure to sunlight for long hours can reduce the life of the tyre. Hence it is better to park in the shade.

Special Tyre Offers at Carcility!

  • 20% off on new tyres
  • 25% off on wheel alignment
  • 50% off on tyre rotation
  • Free nitrogen gas filling
  • Free pick-up & drop-off with purchase of a set of 4 tyres

Stay safe and enjoy smooth driving in this hot summer season with our exclusive offers on tyres. Book your tyre maintenance or tyre replacement service now and drive confidently. Visit to schedule your visit!


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