Use Carcility’s Car AC Services to Enjoy a Cool and Cozy Summer. Understand why?

Use Carcility’s Car AC Services to Enjoy a Cool and Cozy Summer. Understand why?

Air Conditioning plays a major role in ensuring a comfortable car ride in the summer season in Dubai. It may be time to do a checkup or inspection. 


Let’s find out the Car AC services provided by Carcility, the car service, and repair in Dubai:


  1. Car AC Service: This involves a diagnosis of the system, its cooling efficiency, and the working of AC compressor, receiver-drier, hoses, blower motor, evaporator and electrical circuits. Regular car AC service helps identify potential problems.
  2. AC Gas Filling: A refrigerant is used in a car AC to help in cooling the cabin. It sucks heat inside the cabin and takes it outside thus cooling the interiors. Over time the AC gas runs out and cooling becomes less.
  3. Car Radiator Service: Just as an AC cools the cabin, Radiator is responsible for cooling the engine and prevention of overheating. Coolant levels are checked and replaced if necessary. Radiator leaks, thermostats, fans and other components are checked as part of radiator servicing. This helps prevent engine damage due to overheating.
  4. Car AC Checkup: Ahead of summer it is advisable to do an AC checkup. This involves inspection of hoses, belts, compressor, refrigerant pressure, leaks, cabin air filters, air temperature from various vents. A comprehensive car AC checkup helps find out whether the AC has cooling efficiency and also helps detect potential problems.

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  5. Car Overheating: Car overheating may occur due to several reasons. The coolant levels may have come down or there is a coolant leak. If the temperature gauge in the dashboard is going above the mid-level, it signals a problem with the cooling system of the engine. 
  6. Radiator Replacement: Radiators need replacement if the engine is frequently overheating or it has become corroded. Corrosion may limit coolant flow and lead to overheating.  The life of a radiator may be between 8 to 15 years depending on mileage of the vehicle. Radiator performance gets affected by blocks or damage to fins. Blocks may be caused by debris, sludge or mineral deposits.

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  • Comprehensive AC Checkup (20% off)
  • Filter Inspection & Cleaning/Replacement (20% off)
  • Leak Detection Check (20% off)


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